Loved working with Nerses and the Big City Reality team. Who knew the process of buying and selling a property could be fun and stress free? Well, it really was and if you want to work with friendly people and fun atmosphere then Big City Reality is the place to go. Looking forward to working with Nerses and the team again in the near future.
Aren Astourian
Honestly, extraordinary service, best team. Very satisfied customer.
Araz Khachadurian Gazarian
Maral offered top-shelf service. Above and beyond expectations. She’ll be the reason we go through Big City next time. Thanks again!
Benjamin Charbonneau
Dear Mr. Sraidarian, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent work ethics that you and your team have displayed over the past several years with all my transactions in purchasing investment properties. The entire process of explaining the advantages and pitfalls which may or can occur in this roller coaster real estate market of Toronto was to say the lease a learning experience. The wealth of knowledge that you and your team displayed I would have to say was second to none. At the time of placing an offer to purchase with my last property (March 2017), your negotiating skills that were displayed was phenomenal in the bidding process; it was the only reason why I was able to obtain the home.
Enio Ferri
Maral is great!
Shabnam Safa
Hi Seb Polatian, I am writing to thank you for your excellent service in helping me and my wife, Emily to purchase the townhome at Elgin East. We have been looking for a new townhome in the Richmond Hill area for a while but were not able to find one that suited our budget, location and design requirement. We heard in the radio about the Elgin East development on Saturday, 10th February and found your web page for registration. I registered and within less than two weeks, we successfully purchased our townhome at Elgin East. I truly believe that your excellent service is essential for our success in buying our townhome.
Joseph Lam
Having worked with Nerses I have seen first hand the hours and effort he dedicates to each of his clients. Many people say they are committed to their work, Nerses takes it to not only a new level, but caters his commitment to each individual client. This commitment results in clients with properties that sell over list and in short periods of time. Nerses is a professional in everything he does. It is a pleasure to work with him.
Michael Bascio
As a co-work, Nerses was dedicated, hardworking, always willing to offer a helping hand. He succeeded at every position held (3 promotions over 4 years). As our real-estate agent, dedication, communication, and actually listening to our needs/wants allowed us to find a great home, in a great neighborhood within a strict a time frame (the property we sold was closing in 30 days), and below our budget! He was always available to answer any questions and worked around our schedule. There is no surprise Nerses excels and will succeed at everything he does. I highly recommend Nerses and will continue on doing so to anyone looking to buy or sell a property.
David Schleifstein
During my early days as a Mortgage Officer. Nerses was a Senior in the same position, he would help and make recommendation to solve any challenges I may have encountered with my current role. I would recommend Nerses as an agent and he would be an excellent work colleague.
Aris Melkonian
Nerses is an expert with a high integrity on his field. Considering some Real Estate agents are there to make the sale at any cost to their client, Nerses is an anomaly in his own field. He thinks about his client first and how to purchase will impact them in the long term not just for the now. He’s been very useful giving my clients insight on property values and serves them at their convenience. It’s safe to say Nerses makes any home purchase experience as enjoyable and reassuring as possible. I would recommend Nerses to any one of my clients without a hesitation.
Grant Matossian, CGA, CFP