Olivia was stressed.

She was ready to move, but was now really the right time? How could she get the most money from her property without driving herself crazy trying to do too much? It would take time and effort to prep and sell her home. Like so many of us, though, Olivia was busy. She just didn’t have time to do it all on her own.

Even if she had the time, there were so many steps to take! Making things even more difficult, everyone was giving her different advice.It was overwhelming just thinking about the process.

● What repairs would she need to make before listing the property?
● How should she stage her condo for showings to get more offers?
● Where should she list the property?
● Would it be better to sell fast at a lower price or hold out for a better offer?

There were a million questions.

So, how do you solve a problem like Olivia’s (and what happens if you don’t)?

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